Sunday, November 2, 2008

Eternal beauty Krakatau

Tours around Mount Krakatau proven fun. Group of islands and the presence of Krakatoa Nirvana Resort make the location of tourism in the southern tip of Sumatra Island, this can not be leaved. Region's largest resort and the most beautifull in the province are the size of the elephant.

Dance Sigeh Pengunten also welcome guests. Quite the entertaining. Navigate the depth of the resort, wide blue sea and white sand warm in the coastal weary glance overthrow the worm.

Nursing white sand and shells, shells are then select nyiur standing under the wave, eyeball with enthusiasm "expose" the beautiful scenery of the sea and mountains and wide from the edge.

Mount Krakatau children each day increases one centimeter meters high. In the sea off the consciousness of broad, saved a lot of potential natural tourism, such as the ferocity of Mount Anak Krakatau (GAK), the beauty and Sebesi Sebuku Island, island beauty Canti, misterious Setiga island, eloknya Island hermit crab, Bay eloknya kilogram, and other potential natural that is still virgin and the potential for adventure tourism

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